Our Belief

Our Belief

Glory to Yahweh, our Elohim! Journal Thy Journey is an organization that focuses on encouraging, inspiring, and influencing everyone to be a student of the Bible. The purpose of the company is to persuade all to strive to read and study the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. These are our beliefs:

  • We believe the Bible is holy, and it has indispensable principles that we should live by daily.

  • We believe studying the Bible can build and strengthen our relationship with Elohim through His Word.

  • We believe humanity should study and embrace the Bible, because it is the unadulterated truth about Elohim's will for all creation.

  • We believe reading a verse or passage is not sufficient, but studying the entirety of the Bible is the foundation for living an abundant life.

  • We believe with everything unfolding in this world, God's Word is necessary and vital to our survival. We need it more than anything else in our life.

  • We believe the more we spend time with Yahweh, the more we will become like Him. Our characters, attitudes, and lifestyles will be more aligned to His will and purpose.

  • We believe it is vital to spend time in God's presence through prayer, worship, and scripture.

  • We believe that His Word will direct our path in all journeys (career, parenting, fitness, spiritual, financial, marriage, etc.).

  • We believe His word is sufficient to make us complete when we acknowledge and recognize His will and purpose for our life.