Wait a Minute, What Did You Just Say? PT. 4 (Final)

Throughout this “Wait a minute, What did you just say?” series, we have delved deeply into the immense power of the untamable death-dealing tongue. We have come to understand that while our words can be a source of comfort and truth, they can also be dangerously destructive. Therefore, we must acknowledge the great responsibility that…

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Wait a minute, What did you just say? PT. 2

As believers, we often overlook the immense power our tongues hold. We forget it possesses the ability to speak both blessings and curses and life and death. It’s essential to be mindful of the tremendous impact our words have on ourselves and others, especially when considering our most common sins are related to words.

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Wait a minute, What did you just say? PT. 1

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According to the teachings of Ya’aqov (aka James, the brother of Yahshua), the tongue holds tremendous importance in our daily lives. In fact, he compares it to a tiny bit that controls even the most stubborn of horses, a small rudder that steers the mightiest of ships, and a little fire that sets an entire…

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