Does the Name of the Most High Matter?

Our Heavenly Father blessed us with His perfect and sacred name and allowed us to record it as  π€‰π€„𐀅𐀄 and Χ™Χ”Χ•Χ”. His name holds immense power and significance and is worthy of remembrance and praise. However, over the centuries, His wonderful name was erased from multiple historical records and replaced with titles such as Adonai, Lord, and “G o d”. These titles, while they may be used to refer to π€‰π€„𐀅𐀄 The Most High, are not qualified titles, definitely aren’t names, nor do they give our Father the praise and honor that He desires or deserves. On top of all of this, these titles have led people away from knowing and understanding the name of our Creator and are in direct violation of the third commandment: “You shall not take the name of π€‰π€„𐀅𐀄 your Elohim in vain.” This Food for Thought will be about π€‰π€„𐀅𐀄, however the same was done to His son’s name י֡שׁוּגַ (Yahshua) as well.

13 And Moses said to the Elohim, Behold, I shall come to the sons of Yahshar’el and say to them, the Elohe of your fathers has sent me to you; and they will say to me, What is His name? What shall I say to them? 

14 And Elohim said to Moses, EHYAH ASHER EHYAH (I AM THAT I AM); and He said, You shall say this to the sons of Yahshar’elEHYAH (I AM) has sent me to you. 

15 And Elohim said to Moses again, You shall say this to the sons of Yahshar’el𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 or Χ™Χ”Χ•Χ”, the Elohe of your fathers, the Elohe of Abraham, the Elohe of Isaac, and the Elohe of Jacob, has sent me to you. This is My name forever, and this is how I should be remembered from generation to generation

Shemoth – Exodus 3:13-15 (HRB)

In this and all Food for Thoughts I recommend you read the Scripture(s) provided and the entire chapter they are from to obtain more insight.

Call Upon, Praise, and Glorify!

When reading the Bible, you will come across multiple scriptures that tell us to call upon, worship, and give glory to His name and how others praised and honored the Creator by using His Name. Scriptures such as Genesis 13:4, Deuteronomy 28:10, 1 Chronicles 16:29, Isaiah 12:4, Isaiah 42:8, Isaiah 52.6, Psalms 29:2, Psalms 5:11, Psalms 7:17, Psalms 8:1, Psalms 9:2, Psalms 20:7, Psalms 83:18, and Psalms 113:1-2, Psalms 115:1. One of my favorites scriptures about the name of 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 was when Eliyahu in 1 Kings 18:24 told the prophets of Baal, “…call on the name of your elohim; and I will call on the name of π€‰π€„𐀅𐀄; and it shall be, the Elohim who answers by fire, He is the Elohim…” Do you think Eliyahu called on Adonai, Lord, and “G O D” or do you think he called his Elohim by His name? If Abba YAH desires to be called upon, worshipped, and glorified by and with His name, how will you do this without knowing His name?

1 And afterward Moses and Aaron came in and said to Pharaoh, So says 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 or Χ™Χ”Χ•Χ” the Elohim of Yahshar’el, Send away My people, and they shall feast to Me in the wilderness. 

2 And Pharaoh said, Who is 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 that I should listen to His voice to send away Israel? I do not know 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 and I also will not send Yahshar’el away.

Shemoth – Exodus 5:1-2 (HRB)

In this and all Food for Thoughts I recommend you read the Scripture(s) provided and the entire chapter they are from to obtain more insight.

History of How 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 Was Removed, Changed, and Ignored

The Yahudim (Jews) ceased to use the name 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 due to the ineffable name doctrine established during the time of Greek Hellenization of the Yahudim. Hellenization refers to the influence of Greek language, philosophy, and culture on non-Greeks. As Judaism and Christianity became universal religions through proselytizing in the Greco-Roman world, the ineffable doctrine began to grow roots and settle in. The common noun elohim was mistranslated as “G O D”, which is actually the false idol “gad” or “gawd” whom you will learn more about shortly. “G O D” was then used to replace and change 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄. This mistranslation was done to falsely represent the universal sovereignty of Yahshar’el’s Elohim over all other gods as another instead of as 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄. Inclusive, at the same time, 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 was increasingly regarded as too sacred or holy to be spoken aloud. As a result, it was then replaced and articulated by the Hebrew word Adonai (Lord or Baal), which was transliterated as Kyrios (Lord) in the Septuagint, the Greek version of the Old Testament, then translated to Latin and then to English leaving us with Lord.

Please note that the 1560 Geneva Bible and 1611 KJV Bible did transliterate 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 to Iehouah or lehovah, which indicated that the name of 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 was known. Also, the current KJV in Psalms 68:4 includes Jah and the NKJV includes Yah, indicating that the name is known.

The evolution of languages and culture among the Yahudim (Jews) and their adoption of Greek influences, which were full of paganism, was astounding but not new. Yahshar’el has a history of wanting to be like the other nations (1 Samuel 8:5,7,19-20). They also have a history of replacing 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 with Baal. Remember when Yahshar’el came out of Egypt? They knew 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 brought them out of slavery, but they built a golden calf (Egyptian bull god Apis or Canaanite fertility god Baal “Lord”) and said, “These are your gods, O Israel, who brought you up from the land of Egypt.” (Exodus 32:4) Therefore, giving the glory to another el.

The Yahudim’s reasonings for the ineffable doctrine on the surface may have seemed honorable to them and maybe even reasonable to you. Still, they are unscriptural and, in fact, against scripture. They were and are attempts to improve on 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄’s already perfect Word and or hide the true name of the Most High. If 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 wanted His name substituted out, his glory shared or given to another, or for His name not to be used. Why would He give us His name at all, place it in the original text over 7,000 times, instruct us not to take His name in vain, and warn that He will not give his glory to another?

Taking the Name in Vain

You shall not take the name of π€‰π€„𐀅𐀄 your Elohim in vain; for π€‰π€„𐀅𐀄 will not leave unpunished the one who takes His name in vain.

Shemoth Exodus 20:7 and Dabarim Deuteronomy 5:11 (HRB)

I am π€‰π€„𐀅𐀄 (Χ™Χ”Χ•Χ”β€Ž in block script); that is My name; and I will not give My glory to another, nor My praise to engraved images.

Yashayahu Isaiah 42:8 (HRB)

In this and all Food for Thoughts I recommend you read the Scripture(s) provided and the entire chapter they are from to obtain more insight.

Definition of Vain:

Definition of Shav Hebrew word for “in vain”:

  • Change, falsify, or to make common
  • Emptiness, falsehood, nothingness, worthlessness

Though scripture says to follow 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 rather than man (Acts 5:29), we find that nearly 7,000 times, the most important name of all 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 was replaced and changed with another word that uninspired men have chosen. The ineffable doctrine has traversed through time and has directly taken the name of 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 in vain. 

  • The doctrine has changed and falsified the name 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄. 
  • The doctrine has made it seem foolish or not very intelligent for people to use the name 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄. 
  • The doctrine has attempted to bring the name 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 to nothingness and worthlessness by removing it from the mouth of His people.

So why do people continue with this doctrine today? The answer is simple. Through blind ignorance, it was passed down from generation to generation, partially due to the unknown tradition of the doctrine and partially because that’s what was and is in the majority of Bibles printed. 

This doctrine of Satan was created so that the name 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 would be lost and forgotten and so that he could receive the glory as “G O D”. Think about it, “G O D” was implanted throughout multiple cultures, and there is no way to determine who is being spoken of in a world with numerous religions and faiths that all use “G O D”. This is simply another tool Satan has created to usher in his one-world religion under one “G O D”, himself. When people, celebrities, and organizations like the Pope, Oprah, and The United States Government say there are many gods and many ways to “G O D”, this is also a part of that delusion.

If you consider yourself to be Yahshar’el or a Bible Believing Believer, I’m certain that some part of you believes that 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 inspired all the scriptures in the Bible. Am I correct? Ok, If I am correct, then you must believe Deuteronomy 4:2 and Revelation 22:18-19. In these scriptures, our Creator explicitly tells us that we should not remove or change anything in His Word. Again, I repeat, “nearly 7,000 times”, the most important name of all, 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄, was replaced and changed with another word (title or deity). 

Who inspired, deceived, or encouraged man to make these changes? Who motivated or permitted man to replace the Creator’s name with that of manufactured pagan deities? Who changed the truth into a lie, Satan himself! (Romans 1:25)

The Paganism in the Titles Chosen.

But you are those who forsake 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄, who forget My holy mountain; who array a table for Gawd H1409 (The Babylonian Deity of fortune), and who fill mixed wine for Meni (The Deity of fate). 

Yashayahu Isaiah 65:11 (HRB)

In this and all Food for Thoughts I recommend you read the Scripture(s) provided and the entire chapter they are from to obtain more insight.

Definition of “G O D”:

  • Strongs Concordance Word: H1409 Gad pronounced gawd or god. “G O D” is the modern way to write the Hebrew name of the pagan diety, ‘GAAD,’ pronounced GAWD (“G O D”).
  • Gawd or “god” is the name of the Babylonian deity of fortune and meni is the name of the deity of fate. 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 is rebuking the people for exchanging His exulted name 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 with the name of the false deity “god.” (HRB Notes for Isaiah 65:11)
  • The “G O D” of fortune imprinted on US currency as “In “G O D” we Trust”

Definition of Lord:

  • Strongs Concordance Word: H1168
  • An England Title given to men
  • Baal –  An ancient Canaanite-Phoenician deity

Definition of Jehovah:

  • Strongs Concordance Root Word: H1943 – Meaning ruin and disaster
  • A Latin word

Did Yahshua Teach the Name π€‰π€„𐀅𐀄?

And this is everlasting life, that they may know You, the Elohim of truth, and Yahshua Messiah, whom You have sent.

Yahukanon John 17:3 (HRB)

I revealed Your name to the men whom You gave to Me out of the world. They were Yours, and You gave them to Me; and they have kept Your Word.

Yahukanon John 17:6 (HRB)

And I made known Your name to them, and will make it known, that the love with which You loved Me may be in them, and I in them.

Yahukanon John 17:26 (HRB) 

In this and all Food for Thoughts I recommend you read the Scripture(s) provided and the entire chapter they are from to obtain more insight.

Yes, Yahshua most certainly did teach the name of his Father 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄. This is the last piece of evidence that we need to complete this study. If Yahshua knew that we must know the Father and a part of us knowing the Father was to know His name 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄, then that settles the case. We are to know the Father’s name 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 and use it. The name 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 was meant for Yahshar’el and followers of the Way (Bible Believing Believers) to know and use.

Why Are the Names of False Idols and Deities Found More in the Bible the Name of the Most High?

And be watchful in all that I have said to you. And you shall not call upon another Elohim by name; it shall not be heard from your mouth.

Shemoth Exodus 23:13 (HRB)

In this and all Food for Thoughts I recommend you read the Scripture(s) provided and the entire chapter they are from to obtain more insight.
False Idols and Deities Chart

For a live interactive chart scroll to the bottom.


Many Believers, through ignorance, are following the Ineffable name doctrine to a fault, while others know and choose to ignore the truth. I have three questions for you:

  1. Do you believe that 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 would allow His name to be lost?
  2. Do you believe that man has the right to Translate 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄’s name or His son’s name into other languages or match them with false idols?
  3. Do you think it’s a coincidence that the name of the Most High is on the rise and on the lips of many today?
  4. Have you ever wondered what HalleluYAH (hallel-u-YAH) meant?
    • It’s a Hebrew word, and it means Hallelu (Praise) YAH (YAHWEH or YAHUAH)
  5. Why are the name’s of false deities and idols in the Bible more than 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄?

The Name of The Most High should have never been translated, transliterated, altered, or changed. It should have been taught all around the world the same way it was given. I have heard many say I’m not a Hebrew or a Jew, so why would I say YAHWEH or YAHUAH? 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 is not His Hebrew name, it is His Name. Just like David is not my English name, it is my name. Rest assured, you will not turn into a Hebrew or Yahshar’elite by saying 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄. Have you turned into a Latin-speaking Roman by saying Jehovah which is a Latin word?

Think about this – When you were a baby or child, you knew your parents as Dad and Mom, as you grew older, you began to know your parents, and in knowing them, you learned their names. Let’s move on from milk to meat, from shallowness to a deeper understanding and relationship with the Father (1 Corinthians 3:1-2). I employ you to gain more knowledge and wisdom through studying and researching the Word of 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄. Learn the ways of the faith and Elohim that you say you love.

Please do not gloss over Isaiah 65:11. Yahshar’el has done this before, replacing Him and His name 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 with “G O D”. And this is what 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 said he would do to them in Isaiah 65:12-15 

12 And I will number you to the sword; and you shall all bow down to the slaughter; because I called and you did not answer. I spoke, and you did not hear; and you did the evil in My eyes; and you chose that in which I had no pleasure.

13 So 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 says this: Behold, My servants shall eat, but you shall be hungry. Behold, My servants shall drink, but you shall be thirsty. Behold, My servants shall rejoice, but you shall be ashamed. 

14 Behold, My servants shall sing for joy of heart, but you shall cry from heartbreak, and howl from breaking of spirit. 

15 And you shall leave your name for a curse to My elect. And 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄 shall kill you; and He shall call His servants by another name. 

Yashayahu Isaiah 65:12-15 (HRB)

In this and all Food for Thoughts I recommend you read the Scripture(s) provided and the entire chapter they are from to obtain more insight.

Extra Scriptures: Deuteronomy 28:58, Deuteronomy 32:3 Isaiah 12:4, Isaiah 25:1, Isaiah 42:8, Isaiah 51:15, Isaiah 59:19, Jeremiah 10:6, Jeremiah 33:2, 2 Chronicles 6:32, Psalms 102:15, Psalms 102:21, Psalms 124:8

By: David Edwards β€“ HalleluYAH – Praise YAH – Praise 𐀉𐀄𐀅𐀄

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