Wait a Minute, What Did YOU Just Say? PT. 3

7. For every species of beasts, both indeed of birds, of creeping things, and of sea animals, is tamed, and has been tamed by the will of man;

8. But no one of men is able to tame the tongue; it is an unrestrainable evil, full of death-dealing poison.

James 3:7-8 (HRB)

In this and all Food for Thoughts I recommend you read the Scripture(s) provided and the entire chapter they are from to obtain more insight.

Definition of Tame:

  1. Reduced from a state of native wildness, especially so as to be tractable and useful to humansdomesticated tame animals
  2. Made docile and submissivesubdued

Definition of Train:

  1. Teach (a person or animal) a particular skill or type of behavior through practice and instruction over a period of time.
  2. To develop or form the habits, thoughts, or behavior of (a child or other person) by discipline and instruction: to train an unruly boy.
  3. To make proficient by instruction and practice, as in some art, profession, or work: to train soldiers.
  4. To give the discipline and instruction, drill, practice, etc., designed to impart proficiency or efficiency.

Taming & Training

As human beings, we possess an incredible ability to train and tame animals for various purposes, including hunting, protection, entertainment, etc. Our remarkable capacity to tame and train does not stop with animals, as we can train ourselves and other humans to accomplish impressive feats like completing iron-races, mastering a musical instrument, or any accomplishment found in a Guinness World Record book. However, it’s essential to recognize that we can also unconsciously train ourselves to develop detrimental habits that can become ingrained or give rise to unhealthy behavior. This highlights the importance of being mindful of our surrounding influences and evaluating our actions to determine their impact.

The Impossible

The human mind and body are incredible creations crafted by the hands of YAWHEH with unthinkable potential. Certain individuals have tapped into this potential, performing unimaginable things without training or preparation. In most cases reported, dire circumstances, such as extreme stress, desperation, or pressure, played a role in displaying extraordinary abilities that appear beyond human capability. The astounding stories of Angela Cavallo and William Jeracki listed below serve as prime examples of this potential, showcasing a fight-or-flight response and a remarkable capacity for self-sacrifice and self-preservation in times of crisis.

  • Angela Cavallo’s incredible feat of strength was on full display when she saw her son’s life hanging in the balance. This middle-aged mom and grandmother summoned tremendous amounts of hysterical strength and lifted a 3,295 lbs 1964 Chevy Impala off of her son. This courageous act not only showcased an extraordinary, unhuman-like strength but also led to her son’s rescue, saving his life.
  • William Jeracki, a 38-year-old physician assistant, went fishing to St. Mary’s Glacier in the mountains outside Denver. During the fishing trip, a boulder fell on him, breaking his leg and trapping him alone in the mountains. Jeracki says he tried for a long time to free himself, but it was ultimately useless, and a decision had to be made. Out of desperation, Jeracki decided to cut off his leg in self-preservation. He made a makeshift tourniquet to slow down his blood flow, and he amputated his left leg from the knee down using a pocket knife. Then, amazingly, he embarked on a courageous journey, crawling half a mile to reach his truck and then driving an additional half mile seeking assistance.

How Amazing are Humans?

As we reflect upon the incredible achievements of humanity, from the taming of wild beasts to completing grueling Iron-races and even a regular person picking up vehicles, it can be tempting to believe that we possess the capacity to accomplish anything we set our minds to. However, this belief could not be further from the truth. It’s a false belief in self and promotes viewing oneself as a god, which is idolatry. There’s a tiny component that exists within our anatomy that remains beyond our complete control and mastery – the tongue. Even the most self-disciplined individuals cannot entirely rein in this small muscle.

James 3:8 describes the tongue as an “unrestrainable evil, full of death-dealing poison.” It’s like a hazardous weapon or an uncontrollable wild venomous animal. Fortunately, there is an antidote or solution that can tame and remove the death dealer’s natural inclination toward wildness. The remedy can restrain and make the tongue obedient, submissive, and docile yet wise and advantageous. The cure is freely available to all, but it requires us to surrender everything we have (Matthew 16:24-26) in order to receive it. By submitting to YAHWEH, repenting, and accepting the salvation offered by Yahshua, we can receive the power of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), which can and will control the tongue. However, submitting our will is the key.

From last week’s Food For Thought!

If you notice that your tongue is constantly telling lies, cursingspreading gossip, idly chattering, exaggerating everything, and launching harsh attacks of slander and defamation, you need a heart check. You need to seriously contemplate where YAHWEH and Yahshua fit into your life because your heart has confirmed to you by your constant word choice that it is indeed contaminated. We are not perfect, but as believers, we are required to examine ourselves. 2 Corinthians 13:5: “Examine yourselves, whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Or do you not yourselves realize that Yahshua Messiah is in you? If this is not true than you are rejected.

By David Edwards

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